Forest Entomology

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Gardner, J.C.M.
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Control measures fall into two categories, destruction of the termites and protection of the trees by repellent barriers. Direct attack on many small underground nesting species is at present impracticable, but baiting methods are under consideration. Where the nest can be located various poisoning techniques are being tried out. Protection of young trees by mixing insecticides in the planting holes is an orthodox approach, but has the disadvantage of requiring careful application, and the effect is limited to the life of the insecticide and to its bounds of distribution. This method has been tried in several African countries. In Tanganyika, M. S. Parry has met with some success, and, in Uganda, K. W. Brown is co-operating in the present investigation. A method is sought which is effective, economically possible, and relatively foolproof in application. Two sites with different climatic conditions have been chosen initially, and trial plots of termite-susceptible Eucalyptus saligna and E. paniculata planted, under the protection of a short" list of insecticides. In the next trials the amount of selected insecticides will be varied to find the effective minimum. Application of protective formulae is then envisaged on a larger scale under normal planting conditions at many sites throughout East Africa.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal