Studies on the Nutritional Value of Pasture Species in Zambia

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Gihad E. A.
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This study was carried out to survey and establish the nutritive value of pasture species growing in Zambia with special emphasis on the native grasses. The dry matter intake of the native grass by sheep decreased with advancing growth, but mixing legumes with the natural grass increased the dry matter consumption. Chemical analyses and digestibility trials were conducted to evaluate the seasonal changes in composition and digestibility of the natural grass. The crude fibre contents of the natural grass increased, while crude protein and crude protein digestibility decreased with tents than grasses and some of these legumes advancing growth. Some of the seeded grasses showed promising results and their nutritive values were higher than native grasses. Legumes showed higher crude protein could be grown successfully in the tropics. Mixing legumes with the natural tropical grass could therefore be used to correct the common and extensive deficiency of crude protein and relatively high crude fibre content of pastures.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 41 (No. 4), p. 335-338