Technical Report of Soil Survey and Sampling Results Embu - Mbeere Districts, Kenya

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Ministry Of Agriculture
The purpose of this study was to examine soil characteristics along the agro ecological gradient of the southeastern slopes of Mt. Kenya in Embu and Mbeere Districts. The results of the soil analyses will be compared to results from a plant and land use survey, and land use change analyses conducted in the same areas (published in other LUCID working papers). For the soil study, the author conducted a survey of soil erosion indicators and land use histories, and collected soil samples for fertility tests. The study was conducted along two line transects. The main transect runs from the high altitude coffee/tea zone and includes the forest margin (Tropical Alpine, TA) in Embu District, and ends at the Tana River in semi-arid Mbeere District (see Figure 1). The second and smaller transect runs from Ivondo catchment to the Kianjiru Hills west of Kiritiri town in Mbeere District. It includes quadrants within the Mwea National Reserve.