Grass Fallow in Uganda

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Kerkham, R. E.
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Use of the grass or bush fallow has been the traditional method of maintaining soil fertility in most parts of Uganda, Martin [1] and [2] has described experimental work which indicates that the grass fallow is a more efficient means of maintaining crumb structure than the use of annual green manures, fertilizers or organic manures, Describing recent results of the' Serere Fertility Experiment; Martin and Biggs [3] show that crop yields bear a reasonably close relation to crumb structure measurements; what Martin calls the "market gardening effect" of fertilizers and' organic manures in increasing crop yields is appreciable, but in no way invalidates his view that the grass fallow is the most certain and cheapest method of maintaining fertility In the majority of the soils of Uganda, This experiment, and others carried out at Serere, Ngetta and Kawanda, are now beginning to produce results which allow for evaluation of the various methods of maintaining fertility, and these results will be described in subsequent articles in this series.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 13 (1), p. 3-7