Hybrid Grain Sorghum for Eastern and Southern Africa

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Dogett, H.
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The development of hybrid grain sorghums resulted in substantial yield increases in the USA, and sorghum is now grown profitably in the drier, hotter areas from the Mexican to the Canadian borders. Hybrids were first issued in 1956, but not until 1958 was more than half of the sorghum grain acreage under hybrids. In that year, some 16 million tons of grain were produced from 17 million ac, the average yield being 2050 lb/ac. During the 10 years prior to 1957, average production was 4 million tons with a yield of 1100lbjac (21). Current acreage is restricted to some 75% of the 1958 figure by government policy, but annual grain production is still near the 12-million-ton level (24). The achievement of such advances in the home continent of maize indicates the substantial benefits which may be expected in due course from hybrid sorghums in Africa, where the crop is indigenous.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 18 (2), pp. 71-77