National Potato Research Centre, Tigoni Annual Report 2007

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Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
The flower sub-sector has small-scale farmers who have realized that with proper organization, choice of flower type and market links, they can benefit from the enterprise in the local market. These farmers however, lack knowledge on the types of flowers required at any given time of the year. An earlier studier in 2005, found that marketing was most serious constraining factor governing the demand and supply of cut-flowers in Nairobi. A questionnaire was developed and pre-tested on Nairobi retailers by 3 trained enumerators with at least O-level education. A total of 54 distributors in City Market, City Centre, Westlands, Hurlingham, Parklands (Aga Khan Retailers market), Valley Arcade and Yay a Centre retailers were interviewed and monitored every fortnight on the flower varieties sold, their quantities and prices. Most farmers sell roses with each retailer selling an estimated weekly quantity of 944 stems sold at KSh 8.9 per stem. Retailers also sell 806 stems of carnation every week at KSh 10 per stem. Lilies fetch the highest price at KSh 35.2 per stem. Monitoring of retailers to determine the actual quantities sold and their prices was then carried out and roses were the most traded with between 852 and 959 stems sold at between KSh 4.86 and KSh 5.62 per stem. The highest selling flower was still the lily at between KSh 37 and 48 per stem