Practical Aspects of Field Experimentation in Africa

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Pereira,H. C.
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This is a brief survey of some of the points properly written up, fully reported and which most need attention in field experimented data filed in station archives or central mental work under African conditions, where libraries. Many experiments are carried out by isolated an exploratory approach is needed for officers who have little chance of discussion practical investigations, whether they stem with technical colleagues. Many of the points from fundamental work or have begun on appear quite obvious when listed, but a very purely practical basis. In either case the ques great deal of time, enthusiasm and resources posed in the earlier field trials should aim have been expended fruitlessly in African terri- to locate the threshold of response to a treat stories because such conditions have been government, the range of dressings, dosages, or con looked or ignored
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 26, p. 35-48