The Type-Localities of some African Mammals.

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Moreau R.E
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In systematic zoology, particularly that dealing with land vertebrates, accurate definition of the geographical position of the localities from which forms have been described by authors is no less essential than clear definition of the characters of tot animals themselves. One of the difficulties confronting systematics is the frequent uncertainty as to exactly where a given type-locality is. Authors, even modern ones, frequently take it for granted that any locality mentioned by them is well known, and the older the name is, the greater the difficulty frequently experienced in tracing it. In the case of continents such as Africa that have largely been opened up to settlement or control by white civilisation in the past two or three generations the difficulty is increased considerably by the rapid development brought about by new means of transport, and the sweeping away of settlements or their re-location to suit the new developments. As a consequence, maps of 40-50 years ago are often of little value today, and, on the other hand, names quoted 8.S type-localities at the time are now more and more difficult to trace.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 115 (3), p. 387-447