Nutritional Excesses in, Sisal-Susceptibility to Weevil in Mature Sisal

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Doop J. E. A.
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The study of such a problem is not an easy one. In the case of a simple deficiency disease, as e.g. potassium deficiency in banding disease, one needs only apply single chemicals as e.g. nitrogenous fertilizer alone, phosphoric fertilizer alone, potash fertilizer alone, etc., in various field plots of a simple design. Subsequently, the effect of the added chemical missing in the soil will easily be observed. However, when the nutritional abnormality to be corrected is an excess of some plant nutrient, the correctional problem is of a vastly more complex nature. First of all, one has to find out what nutrient is excessively being absorbed by the sisal plants. Having discovered this one cannot correct this abnormality by eliminating the excess from the soil. This might be possible in a small laboratory sample but not under field conditions. One Can do nothing else than buffer the soil against the excess by the application to the soil of other nutrients. But what nutrients one should add and in what quantities is a problem the more complex the more kinds of nutrients have to be applied.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XV (No. 2), p. 80-86