Aspects of the Development, Survival and Immature Stages of Cletus Fuscescens Walker (Heteroptera: Coreidae) On Amaranthus

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Ewete F.K
Ukwela U.M
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Studies on the biology of Cletus funsescens Walker on Amaranthus seed at Ibadan. Nigeria, showed that the developmental period (egg-adult) averaged 27.8 days. The pre-oviposition periods for mated and unmated females were 12.4 and 11.2 days respectively. The ovoid, creamy-pale brown hexagonally sculptured edges (memlength = 1.47 mm) laid every other day averaged 10.8 eggs per female. The mea life span of mated female (47.1 days) wu longer than that of unmated female (40.8 days). Mated female (47.1 days) was longer than their respective male counterparts. A highly significant correlation (0.997) was observed between measurement of verted and accumulated days of nymphal development was obtained. A faster period of nymphal development was obtained on seeds of the wild host plant, A. spinous that on the cultivated hosts. A dubios, A. cruntus (leafy and grain and A. hypochondriacus. A high percentage nymphal survival (range = 77-86% ) was recorded on all the five species of Amaranthus.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, LVII (No. 2), p. 111-120