Variation in the Wood Quality of Pinus Patula Grown In Kenya

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Chikamai ,B. N.
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Pinus patula (Schied and Deppe) could be said to be a species in dispute readily accepted by the foresters as a fast growing species with rapid return on capital but reluctantly accepted by the paper industry as suitable especially when the age at which the material is harvested is given weight. Generally, growth in the species is rapid; Mean Annual Increment (MAl) culminates at 12 years, maximum return on capital is 14 years and merchantable volume on a good site is attained at 15 years. All these conditions are favourable for a reduction in rotation age. However, at the present rotation age of 18 years, kraft papers produced are of low strength. Compared with P. radiata. P. patula has slower growth rate, hence lower yield per unit volume and less, inferior pulp through lower yields per unit weight and poor strength properties. The industry is in favour of longer rotation age.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, LII No.3 (January 1987), p. 176-183