National Agricultural Research Laboratories Identification of the production systems, constraints, and sustainable land use alternatives

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Ministry Of Agiculture
Garissa district has a large number of poor people in both the town centers and the rural areas. Most people have lost their livestock in previous droughts. Livestock has for a long time been the mainstay of the people. The scenario is slowly changing as loss of livestock has led to more and more people turning to crop production as a source of income and food. However there are still many people who are moving to towns in search of relief food. This explains the rapid growth of Garissa and other towns in the province. The over reliance on relief food is one of the factors contributing to poverty increase in the district. The low purchasing power among resource-poor farmers and lack of risk management strategies are the main cause of low crop production. Depending on relief food is not sustainable therefore ways have to be found to assist the people produce their own food and even surplus for sale. Already the government is putting resources in this sector and a ministry has been formed to look at the development of ASAL areas of Kenya. The project on developing strategies for improved integrated management practices and postharvest options for mountain and oasis agriculture offers an opportunity to improve agricultural practices and to increase food production through research.