Colletoptera Affinis at the Nest

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Moreau R.E
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Colletoptera affinis is a widely distributed bird in Asia and in Tropical Africa where it has frequently been confused with Micropus caffer. East African birds have been called C. a. abyssinicus, but, as Chapin (1932) has noted, the difference from Indian birds is very slight. A good deal has been recorded about its nest but not, apparently, of its breeding behavior. Through the kind co-operation of the Senior Medical Officer, Dr. J. Williamson, and the Engineer i/c. P.W.D. Mr. H. S. Roe, it has recently been possible to obtain long series of observations on a colony on one of the hospital buildings at Tanga, on the shore of the Indian Ocean at about 6° South. The nests were in small clusters, and singly in close proximity, along the tops of the walls, so that the roof tiles of the eaves formed the ceilings of the nests.
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