The Rhodesian Ridgeback

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Epstein H.
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In Rhodesia a breed of hounds has been evolved which is characterized by the peculiar lay of the hair along the spine from near the point between the shoulders to a point near the butt of the tail. The Rhodesian Ridgeback or Lion Dog, as it is called, is a strong, powerful hound with a large broad skull, deep muzzle, well-defined stop, moderately long pendulous ears, powerful neck, deep wide chest, sturdy body, strong well-muscled hindquarters, straight legs, and a fairly long thick tail carried low. It is a short-coated animal devoid of any feathering, distinguished by the "cowlick" forming either a fiddle-shaped ridge or a razor back. Many specimens are furnished with well-developed manes (Hubbard, 1946). The dense sleek glossy coat, harsh and waterproof, may be fawn, dark tan, brindle, tawny, or of other main colours, interspersed with white. The Rhodesian Ridgeback reaches a height of 26 in. at the shoulder, and a weight of up to 70 lb. The females are somewhat smaller than the males.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XIX (No. 4), p. 208-211