Kenya Agricultural Research Institute-Strategic Plan 2000-2010

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Kenya Agriculture Research Institute
As Kenya's premier agricultural research institute, KARl is looked upon for cutting-edge, sustainable technologies that will contribute significantly towards alleviation of poverty, as well as provision of raw materials needed to develop and sustain a vibrant, predominantly agriculture-based industrial sector. KARl must deliver the requisite agricultural technologies, knowledge and information in a rapidly changing environment currently characterised by increasing population, erratic weather conditions, fluctuating economic performance and evasive food security. It is therefore imperative that for KARl to perform efficiently, it must plan diligently to rationalise and prioritise activities in order to allocate available resources appropriately, ensuring cost effectiveness. This Strategic Plan builds a vision of KARl's future and goes on to specify the organisational structure, resources, processes and procedures, as well as products (achievable through attainment of six distinct Strategic Objectives) required to achieve the vision. The document is the outcome of several months of undeterred learning, communication and negotiation by the institute and stakeholders, with the primary objective of building consensus around the institute's mandate and priorities. Grateful appreciation goes to all the KARl staff and external stakeholders who were involved in one way or another in the preparation of the document. In particular, I am most thankful to members of the Task Force that led the various processes which culminated in the compilation of this document. It is my hope that all our stakeholders find the document viable and adequately reflective of their needs from the point of view of agricultural research.