A Note on the Factors Concerned In the Establishment of Grass: Clover Swards at High Elevations in Kenya

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Morrison J.
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Some pasture legumes, notably subterranean clover and Louisiana white clover, are productive at elevations over 8,000 ft in Kenya. These have been difficult to establish in mixture with grass. Three factors influence the establishment of clover pastures at high elevations: - (1) Grass competition during establishment because of high initial levels of available soil nitrogen. This can be overcome by reducing the sowing rate of the companion grass. (2) Failure of nodulation. This can be overcome but the use of effective strains of Rhizobia and by lime pelleting the inoculated seed. (3) Phosphorus deficiency. The optimum level of phosphorus application is 40-60 lb. P / acre at sowing followed by an annual application of 20 lb. P / acre.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XXXI (No. 4), p. 445-448