The Coffee Board of Kenya Monthly Bulletin February 1995

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Opinions and views expressed in this article are those of the author.They should not necessarily be interpreted as reflecting views of any Government,Coffee Authority,Trade Organisation or Professional Association. The idea is to share some knowledge,albeit in a layman and non-technical manner, with readers of "Kenya Coffee Bulletin".It is expected that,especially in these days of liberalisation and privatisation,newcomers into the coffee industry will find these notes,and other that may follow,useful.Any errors in presentation, interpretation,or assertion are those of the author.In particular,it should be emphasised that the ideas presented here are based on the authors many years of personal contacts,and discussion,with many professional coffee colleague in the coffee world,that are too numerous to mention or name.These come from such "coffee cities",as far away as Amsterdam, Antwerp,Bremen, Hamburg, London, New York and Trieste. The author, makes a passionate appeal to all coffee traders, and other professionals,to be so kind as to send comments, suggestions and criticisms, for the sake of further knowledge and / or education.In the author's opinion, such contribution are, in the final analysis, likely to increase market transparency and competition,especially in coffee producing countries.In particular, friends and colleague,wherever they are located in the coffee world, with specialised knowledge and or experience in such subject as,the Bull or Bear coffee market, The Contango, the Backwardation, the Double - Bottomed coffee market,the Resistance, the Support, the RSI,the Stochastics,the Hedge, the Switch, the Speculator, the Jobbers, An Overheated coffee Market, The Arbitrage, the Straddle, the Coffee market Fundamentals, the Coffee market Sentiments, etc.; are very welcome to 'send in brief and concise notes or comments.
Bulletin, 60 (700), pp. 1925-1944