KARI RRC Mtwapa Mission Report Vol 4

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Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
The centre ma in 1 y rep resents maj o r so i 1 in the coconut cassava zone wi th 1200mm rainfall and temperatures ranging between 22 ~32 degrees Centigrade. Relati ve humidity is 65 - 95%. The soils are sandy deficient in cal cium, magnesium and organic matter and a PH 5.5. - 65. The centre is located 20 km North of Mombasa on K i 1 if i Mombasa Road and is eas i 1 y access i b 1 e. The Centre rep resented the wet-hum i d co as ta 1 strip with bimodal rainfall. Before the implementation of Nat i ona 1 Ag r i cu 1 tu ra 1 Research Proj ect (NARP), Mtwapa was primarily a tree crops investigation station for the Coast Province. Due to the variation of climatic conditions of the Coast Province, Mtwapa was given additional responsibility of carrying out investigations on all agricultural crops and animals in collaboration with relevant commodity research stations. To facilitate greater research coverage the Centre estab 1 i shed Sub-centres and test i ng sites at var i ous agroeco log i ca 1 zones of the Coast Prov i nce. Among the most important ones are Matuga, Msabaha and Mar i akan i .