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Ministry Of Agriculture
Kenya is predominantly dependent on agriculture as the main source of national development. The sector accounts for 25% of gross domestic product (GDP) directly and indirectly acounts for 30% through linkages with manufacturing, distribution and other service related economic activities. The sector produces almost all food requirements except for wheat, rice, sugar and edible oils. In addition, the sector accounts for 80% of national employment, contributes 60% of the national's total export earnings and 45% of government revenue. The sector is dominated by small-holder producers accounting for 75 % of the total output and 95 % of gross market output with women providing 75% of the labour force. Sessional Paper No.2 of 1994 on National Food Policy states that the sector will continue to be the major source of new jobs for the rapidly expanding labour force to the year 2000 and beyond. In-spite of its importance, the sector has not realized its full potential and its performance has not only been unstable but has been on downward trend during the recent past (1990's).