Incubation of Tsetse Pupae: The Temperature Range Experienced By Pupae Kept Under Normal Laboratory Conditions At Tinde*

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Burtt E.
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In transmission-experiments with Glossina morsitans arid Trypanosoma rhodesciense at Tinde laboratory (Burtt, 1946), it was found that better transmissibility and higher infection-rates occurred in flies which emerged from purple incubated at approximately 30° C. than in flies from pupae kept at normal laboratory temperatures. By an oversight these normal laboratory temperatures were not given, and they are accordingly presented herewith. Pupae were kept in wide-mouthed bottles closed with mosquito-netting standing inverted on wire gauze over water in a zinc tray resting on a table. From March, 1943, a slight modification was made in that the zinc tray ""as thenceforth kept in a closely fitting open wooden box with sides projecting about five inches above the contained tray. This possibly made temperature and humidity conditions on the tray slightly more uniform.
Journal Of Entomology, 41 (1)