The Nutritive Value of Some Nigerian Feeds and Foods

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Njike M.C
Mba A.U
Oyenuga V.A
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The main protein sources for supplementation of the grains in poultry and 'Pig rations are processed feeds. In Nigeria large quantities of fish meals are imported and marketed under the same name. Similarly, groundnut meals are processed by different feed industries within the country. It has been established that for some processed feeds individual samples can differ widely in nutritive value of the protein. Bender and Haizelden (1957) found with a series of fishmeals that protein in the worst sample had less than a quarter the nutritive value of that in the best, as judged by feeding tests with rats. Such differences may be attributed in part to the quality of the raw materials and in part to the damaging effects of the processing methods used. In our present paper, several methods of assessing protein quality have been used to evaluate a range of plant and animal protein concentrates.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 40 (2), p. 138-143