KARI-NARL-KSS M88 2001- Participatory Assessment of Soil Conditions, Limitations and Remedies for Sustainable Irrigated Agriculture, Nguruman Irrigation Scheme

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Ogendo R.
Mulliei R.
Maingi P.M
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Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
The purpose of the survey was to establish the causes, degree and extent of salinity, sodicity and infertility as well as the influence of the farmers' practices on the problems in Nguruman irrigation scheme. This included the assessment of water quality, existing water uses and certainty of the supply. Soil survey was carried out to delineate the extent and distribution of different soil types, together with their chemical and physical characteristics, particularly those that affect soil-water related properties. The important soil-water related properties studied were: soil depth, water holding capacity,infiltration rate and drainage conditions. In relation to the soil conditions studied, the present farming systems were examined as well as their influence on salinity, sodicity and infertility. The main objective of this study was to derive data on the basis of which to derme appropriate approaches to the solutions of the identified constraints in the irrigation scheme.