The Effect of Shade on the Relationship between Stem Diameter and Tree Weight of Young Seedling Cacao

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Mabey S. E.
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Cacao was reintroduced into Uganda in 1958 and initial field trials were concerned with methods of establishment in and out of forest. As limited planting by farmers had also started in 1958 the early evaluation of the results d these trials was important. It was thought that a reliable method of assessing the rate of vegetative growth before the setting of the first crop would also give an indication of cropping in the first harvesting years, since a connexion between the two has been shown by Jones and Maliphant [1] and Glendinning [2]. The girth of the main stem near the collar has generally been used to compare tree size in cacao, but it was thought that such a linear measure on its own was inadequate to express volume of wood for quantitative comparisons. An attempt was therefore made to establish a working connexion between tree weight and stem diameter, this, being the measurement most easily made in the field.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XXXIII (No. 1), p. 14-22