Soil Survey Information for Soil Moisture, Management:

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Ministry Of Agriculture
The results presented in this paper are water balance computations for different areas in Kenya where abruptic soils occur. These are areas that have been surveyed at the reconnaissance level covering Kisii, Narok, Londiani, Tsavo, Kwale-Mombasa-Lunga1unga, Kinangop and Kapenguria. For each area, a representative meteorological station was chosen and rainfall, pan or Penman's potential evaporation data and soil moisture holding capacities used to compute the water balance for the area. The highest soil moisture deficits for the abruptic soils are recorded in the Tsavo area where only one month has no deficit. The Narok area has ten months of moisture deficit. Londiani and Kapenguria areas have four months moisture deficit while the least moisture deficits occur in the Kinangop area with only three months moisture deficit. From the computations, drought problems would be least experienced in the Kinangop, Londiani and Kitale areas. Crop production in Tsavo, Narok, some parts of Kisii and Transmara area would require irrigation for optimal production. Waterlogging would be the moisture related problem to be tackled in the areas with the least number of months with soil moisture deficits.