Nutritional Status of Children Under Five Years, and associated Factors, in Mbeere South Sub-Country, Kenya

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Qabale Diba Badake
The nutritional status of children under five years is an indicator of nutritional situation 111 society. Research estimates that risks related to stunting, severe wasting and intrauterine growth retardation: .Ire linked to 2.2 million deaths and 21 % of disability-adjusted life years worldwide or children under 5 years. In 2012. 2.2 million People in Kenya were classified in either the crisis or stressed phase or food insecurity and Mbeere south Sub-county was classified in stressed phase. Malnutrition in Eastern Kenya where Mbeere Sub-county is located had high (-l2%) stunting. (7.3%) wasting and 20% underweight. Considering that Mbeere South Subcounty is generally low potential dry zone, this situation could have impacted negatively on nutrition status of vulnerable groups especially children under five years. However limited data exists to support this. Therefore this study sought to determine nutritional status of children under five years and associated factors in Mbeere South Sub-county for informed appropriate action to mitigate the high levels or malnutrition in the region.