Receny Developments in Kari Research Programmes 1990

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Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARl) was established in IIJ N. Its legal status is established by the Science and Technology (Amendment) Act, 1979.KARl's prime concerns are to increase the performance of crops and livestock in an effort to contribute in yield and food production. The Institute also aims at improving the quality characteristics of food and other farm products, hence increase the demand for Kenyan products in both the local and external markets. The Institute aims at developing systems for management and conservation of natural resources for sustainable agriculture. KARl's research activities in crops and livestock. Crops research can be grouped into the following programmes: cereals improvement, root and tuber crops, industrial crops, horticultural crops, crop protection, irrigation and agricultural engineering. Livestock research programmes emphasizes on animal breeding, range management, nutrition and animal health. The Second KARl Annual Scientific Conference was yet another important forum for KARl's Scientists to evaluate their scientific research programmes, in reaction to their responses to Kenya's development process. This year, 1990 KARl's scientists on various research components in crops, soil and water management, animal production and animal health featured some of their recent advances in research efforts.