Food Preferences of Some East African Wild Ungulates

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Talbot, M. L.
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Knowledge of the feeding habits of wild animals is central to effective wildlife management and to many phases of ecological research in wild lands. Very few data are available on this subject in East Africa. One of the aims of the present ecological study has been to obtain food preference data from several species of plains herbivores. Most of the data have not yet been processed, but preliminary field results from five of the most common herbivores are presented below. These data are based on initial macroscopic field identifications of the most recently ingested portion of the animal's stomach contents. The results are presented as an interim report of preliminary comparative findings. The results of microscopic quantitative and qualitative analysis of the preserved stomach samples will be the subject of a subsequent publication.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XXVII (No. 3), p. 131-138