Pasture, Fodder and Animal Husbandry Problems on the Small Holder Farm in Selected High

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Ministry of Agriculture
Over the two year period from 1974 - 1976 personnel of the Pasture Research Project have spent conSiderable time visiting small- holder farms in the high potential areas of Kenya and speaking with extension service staff, research workers and other persons involved in the servicing of these farms. AU the farms visited had dairying as a major enterprise. The purpose of these visits and discussions has been to assist in the general programme of familiarisation with the small holder dairy system; to appreciate the conditions and . problems, and to attempt to identify those areas in which the project could assist in relevant research programmes as part of the overall terms of reference of the Project. These visits and tours have been documented in the form of safari reports to the Project's immediate superiors - the Senior Pasture Research Officer and the Director of the National Agricultural Research Station, Kitale, with copies of the report to other officers directly involved in follow-up programmes of work.