Preparation for the Planting of Field Trials

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Goldson J. R.
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Field experimentation is a subject rarely included in agricultural courses in East Africa, with the result that locally trained agriculturists engaged in research work have to learn by practical experience or from reading text books. To cover all aspects of field experimentation would need several chapters in a text book or a complete book on its own and it is not claimed that all topics are covered in this paper. Rather, the object is to point out some of the main mistakes made and how they can be remedied, and to put down some additional techniques and methods which may not be mentioned in text books but which have accrued from practical experience gained at the Western Agricultural Research Station in the Western Province of Kenya over the past few years. Field experimentation in Kenya, and Africa generally, provides certain problems not normally found in temperate agriculture. Some of the problems confronting the research worker in the preparations for planting field trials are discussed in this paper.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XXXIII (No. 1), p. 106-112