Comparison of the Effects of Irradiation And Splenectomy on Babesia Rodhaini Infection In Mice

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Irvin A.D
Omwoyo P.
Ledger M.A
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and splenectomy on Babesia rodhaini infection in mice. International Journal for Parasitology 3: 773-781. Babesia rodhaini infection was compared in irradiated, splenectomized and control mice. Although irradiation reduced the weight of the spleen by as much as 95 per cent, this reduction in size did not result in parasitaemia levels comparable to those seen in splenectomized mice, which were consistently higher. Parasitaemias were similar in irradiated and control mice, but the mean survival time in control mice was longer than that of irradiated or splenectomized mice, which were comparable. Splenectomy generally resulted in higher parasitaemias than those seen in non-splenectomized mice. Since B. rodhaini has a predeliction for invading reticulocytes, the apparent failure of irradiated mice to develop parasitaemias comparable to those of splenectomized mice, may have been due to the selective destruction of these immature red cells by irradiation
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 3, p. 773-781