Relationships among Yield Components In Rainfed Sesame

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Gizouli Osman H.E
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Sesame (Sesamum orientale L.) is the most important oil seed crop in the Sudan. It is raised almost entirely under rainfed conditions where mean annual rainfall ranges between 500 and 800 mm. The area and the total pro· duction have been fluctuating considerably over the last 20 years, due to fluctuations in the amount and the distribution of rainfall. Since the pattern and distri'bution of rainfaH is unpredictable, it is difficult for a breeder to critically judge the performance of sesame genetic material in rainfed areas. Khidir and Osman (1970) characterized the indigenous collection in the Sudan and worked out simple correlations between yield and nine of its components in 90 sesame types selected from that collection. This paper reports on partial and muHiple correlations as well as simple, partial and multiple regressions between six characters in a similar group raised under rainfed conditions.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XLVI (1-4), p. 48-53