Untreated Maize Stover as a Substitute for Routine Silage in Beef Cattle Rations

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Onyango T .A.
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A study was conducted at the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute's Beef Research Centre, Lanet, to determine the effect maize stover as a substitute for silage, with cotton seed cake, maize germ, and molasses x urea mixture supplements on cattle Performance in terms of feed intake and convention, live weight changes and carcass grading. The highest feed intake and convention efficiency and Iive weight changes of 7.42kg animal day, 8.43" and 880.0 g/day were observed with the diet that had the highest (67") level of maize silage and no stover. The lowest intake and live weight change of 5.57kg/animal day and 700 g/day respectively was observed with the diet that had the highest (67%) level of maize stover and no silage. Feed conversion efficiency was lowest in the diet that had 50% maize silage and 17% maize stover. The animals fed on the diets with a maize stover range .pf 0-33 % had well-marbled carcass with even fat cover on the flash, while animals fed on 67% maize stover had a poor grade carcass characterized by low fat percentage and unfinished flesh with scattered fat cover.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 60 (No. 1 & 2), p. 1-10