Theileria lawrencei Infection of Cattle and African Buffalo: Evaluation of a Buffalo Cell Culture Schizont Antigen for the Indirect Fluorescent Antibody Test

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Kimber, C.D.
Young, A. S.
Burridge, M. J.
Stagg, D. A
Kanhai, G. K.
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A schizont antigen for the direct fluorescent Antibody (IFA) test was prepared from an in vitro culture suspension of African buffalo lymphoid cells infected with Theileria lawrencei macroschizonts. This antigen was coli/pared with Theileria parva and T. lawrencei cell culture schizont antigens prepared from infected bovine cells, using bovine antisera to T. parva and T. lawrencei and buffalo antisera to T. lawrencei. Complete cross-identity of these 3 antigens was found with all antisera. Five buffalo, naturally infected with T. lawrencei, had significant antibody titres to all 3 schizont antigens, using an anti-bovine conjugate in the ill direct fluorescent antibody test. The peak antibody titres of these buffalo were between 1: 40 and 1: 2560 to the 3 schizont antigens. These results suggest that the IF A test could be usefully employed in epizootiological surveys.
Veterinary Research, 17, p. 285-289