The Coffee Board of Kenya Monthly Bulletin January 1968

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Coffee berry disease has now come to be recognised as an unusually complex and intractable problem. It has been on the research programme for several decades, yet no satisfying solution has so far emerged. During this period the incidence of the disease in various districts has waxed and waned, but in the past few years it has become more severe and more widespread than ever before. An enlarged and highly qualified team of scientists is now concentrating on coffee berry disease. In fact, many of the technical staff at Jacaranda are devoting a substantial proportion of their time to projects which are, directly or indirectly, connected with some aspect of the C.B.D. problem. Assistance in certain specialised fields is also being given by other research organizations, both overseas and within East Africa. Nevertheless it is unlikely that any "miraculous" solution will appear overnight, or that the complete answer will lie in the discovery of some new "wonder drug".
Bulletin, xxxiii, pp. 1-40