Soil Erosion: A Simple Home-made Level for Obtaining the Line of Contour Banks

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It is not easy to set out contour lines -by eye without the assistance of some instrument. It is probable that native agriculturists, who are in the habit of constructing bench terraces on steep hill sides, develop some considerable accuracy _ in marking out their terraces through _ constant practice. Natives who are not traditionally accustomed to constructing 'level terraces are likely to experience much difficulty however; there is a natural tendency to work gradually downhill, and bench terraces running off the true contour will concentrate run off and lead to gully erosion. A simple home, made level is described in the New South Wales Agricultural Gazette for July, 1934, which might be of value for · natives who are constructing bench terraces or level contour banks; the level might also be helpful to coffee planters who are making narrow, base contour terraces, especially since the instrument described could be used by two or three intelligent natives with very little super' vision. Level contour banks are also of utility on pasture land for the prevention of erosion, and the home made "level" might be used on pastures, both in European and native areas, as in New South Wales.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 2, p. 28-29