Ultra-Low Volume Spray Gear for Installation on an Ultra-Light Weight Helicopteror/Autogyro

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Johstone, D. R.
Lee, C. W.
Hill , R. E.
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ministry of Agriculture
Several years ago an ultra-light weight autogyro was introduced into the GK and was the subject of some development work. Its specification and sound performance date were noted. But at that time its utility for spraying operations was doubted owing to the very small available payload. Currently interest has been revived by the growing acceptance of ultra-low volume application techniques. Rescent publication of brief details of the Benson B-S MA agricopter. Preceded by an enquiry from a prospective operator for advice regarding choice of spray gear has led to a re-examination of the possibilities of this type of aircraft and to the development and ground testing of a suitable form of equipment.For those with little or no experience of the type, a recent review of the National Transportation and Safety Board Findings on gyorocopter accidents in USA.1966-68 by Mock and relevant comments by Metacalfe makes salutary reading.