Message from the President of the Rhodesian Veterinary Association

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The year 1970 marks the 50th anniversary of the inauguration of the Rhodesian Veterinary Association and as President of the Association I welcome the first issue of a Rhodesian Veterinary Journal. The Veterinary Profession in Rhodesia comprises some 80 members and the achievements of the Profession in securing and maintaining the health of the animal population is something for which it may well be proud. Those of us who are concerned with the problems of disease in both large and small animals are only too well aware that it is one matter to eradicate a disease from a country. It is quite another matter to ensure that the disease does not re-establish Itself and, like the Men of Athens who were renowned for the fact "that they were ever seeking for some new thing", the profession cannot fail to benefit by being kept informed of the latest research and investigations into animal husbandry and disease. With the inauguration of a Rhodesian Veterinary Journal members will have this information available .. to them in what, I hope, will be a concise and readable form and I am confident the Journal will have the success it deserves.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 11, p. 1-2