Assessment of the Effect of Immigrant Communities and Climate Change on Agricultural Trends, Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation in Nyeri North and Laikipia East Districts.

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Ministry of Agriculture
The extensive semi-arid regions of Nyeri North and Laikipia East Districts were mainly used for ranching purposes before the 1960s since they are of low agricultural potential. However, there was an influx of people from other parts of Central Kenya (especially between 1980 and 1999) who upon settlement used the same farming practices and technologies they were using where they originated from. The purpose of this study therefore, was to understand the impacts of climate change and immigrant communities on land degradation, agricultural production trends, biodiversity and environmental conservation in Kieni East, Kieni West and Lamuria Divisions in the two districts. The study was also meant to collect data on individual and community actions towards mitigation of climate change and increasing food security. Data collection was undertaken through a questionnaire with structured and unstructured questions. A total of 64 farmers were interviewed on climate change, land use changes and environmental conservation.