Kenya Agricultural Research Institute- National Plant Breeding Research Cetnre Njoro Entomology Sec Annual Report 1987

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Ministry of Agriculture
Regular testing of insecticides is an important step torwads good maintance of high quality products. Prolonged exposure of insecticides in a particular environment often results in development of insect resistance or a reduction in effecacy, therefore requriring alternative method to combat the problem. For this reason, there is no need to develop new alternative products to over come such problems. The new products,must be be cheap and safe to the consumers, so as to reduce the cost of protecting grains against insects durign post- harvest handling. This experiment was designed to test the possibility of using Neem ( Azadirahta Indica A. Juss) products and diatomaceous earth as insecticides against common stored products pests. While this was exploratory work on possible utilization of powdered berries and leaves of neem, extracts of this plant are known to have insecticidal properties. Alcohol extracts of neem leaves had been reported to be toxic against Rhyzopertha dominica a stored grain, pest, while the seed kernel extracts was reported was reported to affect Carmine Spider miteTetranynchus Sinnabarinus(Jaipal, S. 1984; Mansour, F.A. 1983).