Beef Production part I-Nutriment Requirements for Normal and for Rapid Growth with Fattening In Relation To Pasture Composition

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Kidner, E. M.
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Under very severe conditions due to a prolonged drought, when pastures fail to supply the nutriments required for maintenance and this situation is aggravated in all probability by a shortage of bulk, the animals will almost certainly show live weight losses eventually. From the foregoing it is clear that live weight gains of cattle at pasture are inevitably erratic and that from the standpoint of beef production,three courses are open- (i) to accept the erratic nature of live weight gains of cattle on a wholly pasture diet and be prepared to accept the time involved for them to reach the "finishing" slaughter stage from weaning: this procedure with pasture may come within the category of Morrison's "normal growth"; it has been discussed in an earlier article (Kidner 1966); (ii) to recognize the erratic nature of live weight gains of cattle on a wholly pasture diet and, by carefully calculated supplementation, to aim for Morrison's "rapid growth with fattening"; and (iii) to feed indoors for rapid growth and fattening. The results of applying the first two alternatives to cattle of different breed, sex and will be discussed in the next article with a comment on the economics of the two procedures.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XXXII (No 1), p. 34-37