A Comment on the Pole-Evans' Report

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Milne, G.
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Dr. I. B. Pole-Evans' Report on a Visit to Kenya was reviewed in the East African Press at the time of its publication last year and has been widely discussed. Its subject was the grasslands of Kenya, chiefly those of the native reserves. Its thesis was that pastoral science is a subject of not less importance in Kenya than agriculture, forestry or veterinary science, and that it calls for specialist handling in its own right. The main recommendations of the Report were for aerial and ground surveys of vegetation in the reserves; for the withdrawal of stock (and to the extent found practicable, of the people) from certain areas to be selected for reconditioning; and for the establishment of pastoral research stations in these areas under a Director of Pastoral Research. A resolution of the Settlement and Production Board in October last advised the Kenya Government that action upon the Report should not be delayed by the war and that the establishment of the pastoral research stations should be proceeded with.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 5 (No 5), p. 259-260