Hydrologic Consideration for the Reclamation of Saline Soils

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Singh O.P
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Different hydro logic aspects related with the development of saline soils and their reclamation have been investigated. The three important factors namely, climate, hydrology and soil have been described as the basis for establishing aggro-hydrological characteristics of a saline area. Based upon the salinity measurements in drained and undrained saline land it has been observed that for effective use of rainwater for the leaching of salts, lowering of water-table is very necessary. Infiltration, studies and rainfall/frequency analysis have shown that by providing 7.5 cm depth of retention storage in the saline area, all the rainwater with 10 years recurrence interval could be retained within the field. Field bunding resulted in significant decrease in salinity, which was further reduced by providing sub-surface drainage.' The surface runoff received in the study area through a network of drains coming from the adjoining up- stream alkali tracts with high runoff producing potentials could be a good fresh water resource to be used for reclamation of saline soils. (Key words: Saline soils, reclamation, hydro-logic aspects, leaching)
Bulletin, 33, p. 118-127