Coffee Board of Kenya Monthly Bulletins June 1945

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Studies on the Coffee Thrips CD. coffeae Williams) constituted the main work of the Entomologist during the year, and these were mainly directed towards the evolution of a practical control by means of a spray. A review of existing knowledge and experience of this pest seemed to indicate that the best chance of successful control of thrips would be by direct chemical means, but work has also been done on other aspects of the thrips problem whenever there has been an opportunity. During the past succession of dry years thrips has done immense damage to coffee estates leaving many in a debilitated cultural state to say nothing of a precarious financial position. The aim was, therefore, to discover and perfect a control method which could be used by coffee planters to combat a possible thrips outbreak in the early months of 1945, and thus to bring an end to this tremendous wastage. This work was regarded as most urgent. The considerable progress which has been made towards the achievement of this aim is recorded below.