Ministry of Agriculture-National Agricultural Laboratory Kenya Soil Survey

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Ministry of Agriculture
Wielemaker, W.G. & H.W. Boxem (Eds) (1982). Soils of the Kisii Area, Kenya. Agric. Res. Rep. (Versl. landbk. Onderz.) 922, ISBN 90 220 0816 9, (XIV) +208 p., 30 figs, 54 tables, 75 refs, Eng. summary. The Kisii Area, named after the Kisii District, is in the south-west of Kenya; the area surveyed covers 3000 km2 and includes parts of South Nyanza and Narok District. Land-use, vegetation, climate and ecological zones, geology, geomorphology and present status of erosion are described on the basis of thematic maps. Soils are defined by taxonomy and physiography and depicted on a soil map of scale 1 : 100 000; factors in their formation are also discussed. For land evaluation, existing and proposed land utilization types are described in detail as a basis for selection of alternatives, for which land suitability is assessed. A detailed account is given of the rating procedures on the basis of land qualities. Free descriptors: Land evaluation, soil suitability, land qualities, farm type, ecological zone, erosion, soil formation, geology, geomorphology, climate.