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The somewhat irregular nature of the rains and the poor growth of grass in many areas has caused some anxiety amongest stock farmers and has necessitated of the feeding position for the coming months. It is doubtful whether any large reserve of grass will now be available for the dry periods likely to be experienced in the coming months, and the position is further rendered difficult in many areas by the possibility of locust infestations. In order to guard against these, it will be desirable to plant those forage and fodder crops which are least likely to be damaged by these pests, and although the range of such is limited yet there are several which will probably not be severely affected. The most important of these is sunflower, 1 and, in addition, there are others such as the bulk of the leguminous crops, including vetches, peas, etc., all of which are likely to suffer a minimum amount of damage.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 5 (No 5), p. 45-46