The Plant Molluscicide Swartzia Madagascariensis and its Application in Transmission Control Measures against Schistosoma Haematobium experience from Kikwawila (Kilombero District Tanzania

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Reto Suter
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Reto Suter
The molluscicidal activity of crushed dried seed pods of the Leguminose tree Swartzia madacrascariensis was assessed in the laboratory. Mature dry seed pods were ground and extracted in tap water for 24hrs. Pod extracts exerted a significant molluscicidal activity against Bulinus globosus and Biornohalaria glabrata at dilutions up to 100mg of ground pods per litre, but were not active against B.globosus eggs and Schistosoa haematobium cercariae. Based on the laboratory .investigations, a Simple extraction procedure was established which could be adapted to field conditions. S.madagascariensis pod extracts were focally a lied during field trials in two ~.qlob05US habitats. The results compared well with the laboratory findings and showed the applicability of the plant molluscicide in a natural habitat. The application of the plant molluscicide significantly reduced the population densities of B.qlobosus, especially when applied twice. As a short half-life time for the active saponin was found and as the plant is well-known and often used by the community, the plant molluscicide could be applied under different safety precautions although the toxicity and mutagenicity could not be established.