Agricultural Research Sub-Centre Oljoroorok Annual Report

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Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
As it was cited in the last year 2003 annual report, this sub-centre had not produced annual report since early eighties. Since the start of the ARIS programme early 2002 in the centre, an annual report was written , this was followed by another one by 2003. The production of this year 2004 annual report brings to a total of three annual reports since early eighties. This is a breal< through to the centre since a lot of information is documented unlike before. The information contained in this report highlights most of the activities that tool< place in the year 2004. The year was mainly devoted to expansion of commercial enterprises from the ones done in the year 2003. Field commercial crops i.e. Wheat, Oat, and High Composite Maize (HAC) were increased in acreage. In livestock production, five pedigrees incalf heifers were bought and also the mutton/wool sheep breeding programme started. More fodders were established in preparation of the expansion of the Aryshire herd in the farm. Within the year the horticulture enterprises expanded and diversified. The acreage with sugars naps was increased and more potatoes seed and cabbages were produced as rotation crops in sugar snaps production blocks.