A Preliminary Investigation of the Irrigation Suitability of Lands in the Kanjoo Area Meru District No.20 1974 HM

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Bonarius H
Njoroe P.N
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Ministry of Agriculture
At the direction of the Land and Farm Management Division of the ministry of Agriculture, a site evaluation was carried out on the soil and water conditions in the Kanjoo area. The field studies were conducted in two legs, 20th to 23rd February and 23rd to 27th March 1974. The area is covered by aerial photographs in scale 1:25, OOO and the use of this was made to draw a preliminary photo interpretation map of approximately 5000 ha in scale 1:25,000. It should be emphasized that the present land use and irrigation suitability evaluation is only a preliminary one based on aerial photo interpretation and 32 augerh01e observations besides several infiltration rate measurements carried out in the field. The laboratory data presented are also only of a few soil and water samples. It is necessary to follow the site evaluation by a semi detailed and/or a detailed soil survey.