Variation in the mineral and crude-protein content of pastures at Muguga in the Kenya highlands

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Howard D A.
Burdin M.L
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It has long been known that pastures in many parts of the continent of Africa are deficient in a number of minerals that are necessary for animals to thrive. There has therefore been considerable interest in the possibility that such deficiencies might be at least partly responsible for the poor production obtained from many Kenya herds. A mineral deficiency survey, in which Burdin & Howard (1956) determined the quantities of phosphorus, copper, sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium present in nearly 1500 pasture samples showed that there were wide variations in their content and suggested the importance of studying in greater detail the effect of seasonal fluctuations. The opportunity was therefore taken to determine the crude-protein and mineral content of pasture samples that had been collected at Muguga in connexion with the experiments on the feeding of a phosphatic supplement to zebu cattle (Lampkin, Howard & Burdin, 1961). The results of the analyses are given in this paper.
Veterinary Research, 59, p. 251-256