A Short Review of the Sisal Markets for the Year 1935

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Wigglesworth A.
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The year 1935 is notable as the turning point in four years of unprofitable prices. The rise has been greater than was anticipated even by the- greatest optimists. Many factors have contributed to the change. Firstly, little' planting beyond renewal has been done in any sisal producing country since the price fell so low. Secondly, the careful grading and regular deliveries of African sisal have led to an increase in its consumption for ordinary purposes. Thirdly, research work is leading to its introduction to entirely new uses, one instance of which is the adoption of tow as an upholstering material for mattress~s, this having diverted a large part of the tow production. Fourthly, vast improvements in spinning machinery now enable spinners to secure a finer yarn of higher value.Fifthly, last year's grain crop in the United States and Canada exceeded expectation, absorbing heavy stocks of twine which had been accumulating during the previous two seasons, which produced notably poor grain crops.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 1, p. 339-339